One Piece Mugiwara Store Bangkok’s celebrating the 1th birthday anniversary!

Let’s celebrate! 1st Anniversary and join the first time One Piece Pop Up Café.
They are now celebrating the 1st anniversary with the special drinking & dessert menu with One Piece limit edition design!


For the drink and dessert was create only for the One Piece Fans! New soft cream with new taste which are Gomu Gomu Ice scream, the taste of the  Gomu Gomu the Devil fruit, Chopper Milk, for those who love the sweet taste of the pinky juice like the sakura at the Drum Kingdon, Bushido Green Tea Late, the original traditional green tea of Japan that affect the character of ZOLO Mister Bushido the sword of the pirates ship and the last one the Choco Brook, for the chocolate lover that you can take a sip while chilling with the music of the pirate ship.

The café shop has the honor from Oda Sensei the Artist to drawing the Post card for celebrating the 1st year anniversary as well. And for those fans who purchase over 1,000 THB will get the postcard from Oda Sensei!


Also the new design of the member card !


For more information

Location One Piece Mugiwara Store Bangkok, first official One Piece character shop in Thailand
                   fl.2 Gateway Ekamai – open every day 10:00 am. -22:00 pm.

Period 9/9/60 – 5/11/60

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