「Sailor Moon Café 2017」in 3 cities across the country!

Expanding the café by original illust for menu and goods

LEGS Co., Ltd. Will open the new shop for celebrating the 25th anniversary of Sailor Moon ‘Sailor Moon Café 2017’ on September 22nd.

The concept is “Adult × Charming”. With a words of “Always Sailor Moon in the Heart!” the feeling of somewhat cute in some adults, the stores that expressed a charming worldview seems to be reflect of the nature and girlhood.

The menu for this collaboration cafe is full of originality. Also, it is a must-see goods and store decorations which using an original animated illustration. The cafe will be in advance for the reservation by starting from September 7th the pre-ordering for the Sailor Moon Official Fan Club the ‘Pretty Guardians’ member and from September 15th they will start accepting for an ordinary reservations

“Sailor moon” is a monthly magazine “Nakayoshi” (published by Kodansha), which is a girls’ manga by Naoko Takeuchi started publish since 1991. The original book was translated into 17 languages and the animation series also expanded more than 40 countries by causing social phenomena both in the country and abroad. The 20th anniversary project starts from 2012. The original full version the “Sailor Moon exhibition” was launched, especially adult female fans are showing up again for the new animation, new musical, new commercial for fan club. In the beginning of 2017, a new 25th anniversary project was launched by developing a various projects such as books, images, musicals and collaboration projects.


Tokyo Venue
Period : Sepember 22 – October 29
Opening Hour : 11:00AM – 21:40PM

Osaka Venue
Period:September 28 – November 5
Location : DELASOUL CHARBON, Abeno Qs Mall
Opening Hour : 11:00AM – 21:20PM

Nagoya Venue
Period:September 28 – November 5
Location:Ameli Café(アメリカフェ)
Opening Hour : 11:00AM – 21:20PM

Reservation start (only in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka)
Early reservation: September 7th  11: 00 ~
General reservation: September 15th  11: 00 ~
Booking benefits: A3 clear poster (all 3 types random)
Advance reservation price: 650 yen (excluding tax)

・Official Web Site:https://sailor-moon-cafe2017.jp/
・Sailor Moon 25th anniversary project official website:http://sailormoon-official.com/
REF : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9680

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