Hirai Art start handle the Sanrio Characters Jewelry!

Sanrio Character Jewelry Expands on the “GIV” Online Shop

Hirai Art has develops a new special gift on the “GIV” online store to propose a special gifts for self and families under the brand “U-TREASURE” which handling a mainly character jewelry for Sanrio Character.


A Sanrio character has been loved beyond generations and now became a cute necklace. A design was made by carefully and finished one by one that stick to the detail to make it familiar to the Sanrio characters.


Popular characters such as “My Melody”, “Kuromi”, “My Sweet Piano” and “Hello Kitty” and also focus on the details such as facial expressions, boasts a high degree of perfection that is unlikely to be a necklace. The necklace that use the luxury of 10 and 18 gold has become an authentic faction for Sanrio characters jewelry which adults also can enjoy.

Character Motif Necklace such as
My Melody, Kurumi, My Sweet Piano      Price : 28,000 Yen (including TAX)

Hello Kitty Characters Necklace             Price : 48,000 Yen (including TAX)
Hello Kitty Pendant and brooch              Price : 38,000 Yen (including TAX)
Hello Kitty Baby Ring                           Price : 10,000 Yen (including TAX)
Hello Kitty Chain Necklace                    Price : 18,000 Yen (including TAX)

・Official Site:http://giv-store.jp

REF : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9661

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