Disney release the First Collaboration with ‘Tropicana 100% Grape Blend’

At the same time also launch the Tropicana 100% Orange by switch the Disney Label

Kirin Tropicana will start selling ‘Tropicana 100% Grape Blend’ the 330 ml bottle in Japan from September 12th.



This time, Kirin Tropicana has released the first Disney Design Label. At the same time, “Tropicana 100% Orange” which is sold throughout the year is will switched to Disney Label as well.

Tropicana 100% Grape Blend
Name: fruit mix juice (concentrated reduction)
Release date: September 12th
Suggested retail price: 140 yen (excluding tax)
Capacity: 330 ml
Expiration date: 9 months
Container: PET bottle
Sales region: whole country


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