“ITS’DEMO”, release the new limited design cosmetic for “Disney Marie”

Held from August 15th , the Cosme Week

To expanding the world fashion group develops, the fashion store ‘ITS’DEMO’ the cloth for women is holding the ‘Cosme Week’ which is to celebrating the coming autumn from August 15th – September 11th.


In “ITS’DEMO”, they are holding the “Cosme Week” in every year where autumn trends start, at this time they are having a popular cosmetic that want to challenge the new people. This year, as a main product, they had released the limited design cosmetics of the popular character “Marie (the Disney Cat)” of the Disney movie “Marie”.

It was drawn as a cute and disturbing white cat the “Marie” which surrounded by  flowers and ribbons and finished in a slightly expression only for “ITS’DEMO”.

In accordance with “Cosme Week”, for those who purchased more than 2,000 Yen (including TAX) of the limited ‘ITS’DEO’ products the shopper will get the limited edition of multi-balm which drawn of Disney character, ‘Marie’.

・ITS’DEMO Official site:http://itsdemo.jp

REF : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9650

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