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From August 1st, LINE Official Characters Store ‘LINE FRIEND STORE in NEW YORK’ has opening the new shop in New York, Times Square.

“LINE FRIENDS STORE” is LINE Official Character Goods Store which is develops the “LINE FRIENDS” items such as Brown and Connie. Mainly on stationery, stuffed toys and tableware, they have a various items such as goods collaborated with domestic and overseas famous brands and confectionery confined to stores. Now, they had deployed 33 stores worldwide, including 2 domestic stores (Harajuku and Fukuoka), and this is an important point of contact between LINE and users all over the world.

Also in the New York Times Square, which is a place that tourists gather from all over the world and also the center of cultural trends, they had opened the first flagship store in the US “LINE FRIENDS STORE in New York”.

In this flagship store, it is not just a place to let people know the characters through products but the theme is also the entertainment space that visitors can come and enjoy. Besides of that, the huge brown “Mega Brown” is popular to all over the world, there are many content that visitors can be enjoyed by directly developing and at the character room “Brown Room” and “Choco Room where each character’s personality can be enjoyed.

In addition to stocking 26 kinds of “New York · Edition” as store limited items, they has sell about 440 items, such as a standard character products and also the collaboration products.

Location:1515 Broadway @ 44th St.New York, NY 10010
Area :about 430㎡

REF: https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9639

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