「Idol Time PuriPara」× Animate has collaborating for the new Café !

YUMEKAWA(CUTE GIRL) Summer Beach Café」theme with the Limited collaboration goods release

Animate Café, the café that collaboration with the games and animation characters such as Idol Time PuriPara will be holding from August 24th until October 1st.

idol 00

© T-ARTS/syn Sophia/テレビ東京/IPP製作委員会

With the theme of ‘Cute Girl Summer Beach Café’ that Idol Time PuriPara」× Animate has collaborating, at the Animate Café IKEBUKURO 2nd Store. For the admission is a full day schedule lottery reservation system (WEB acceptance).

TV animation “PuriPura” is an animation work based on the same name amusement game. The new series of “Idol Time PuriPura” was start from last April. With the concepts of “Every Girls Can Be IDOLS” which make it very popular by gathering the great support centering on girls.

Because the favorite things of ‘YUMEKAWA : CUTE GIRL’ is “RICE”, a star style ginseng, cheese, and hamburge was added to the pilaf “” I am motivated! Energetic! Rising up! YUMEKAWA! “A Star Full of Dreams Hamburg Pilaf”.

idol 07

Also provide a number of pretty collaboration menu such as “Himami’s Smile’s Pop Song Sunny Dee Soda Parfait” with a motif of a making drama (live scene) of “Sorami Smile” belonging to the other main character.

idol 06

In case you order those menu you will get 1 present from random which is the 32 types of coaster (A Group 16 items/B Group 16 items)

Also they have selling the Animated Café Limited Goods. They preparing the original goods suitable for souvenirs, by drawing and illustration design including “Trading Acrylic Key Holder” “Frost Mug Cup”, “Full Color Notepad”, “Masking Tape Set”.

Idol Time PriPara」× Animate
Period:August 24th – October 1st
Holding branch:Animate Café IKEBUKURO 2nd Store
Admission method:lottery reservation system (WEB acceptance).

・Animate Café Official Web Site:https://cafe.animate.co.jp/
REF :  https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9625

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