KiddyLand 38 store held the ‘Jackie’s Friends Fair’!

Held the event for ‘Kids Staff Event’ at the 「Jackie’s MARCHE」

KiddyLand has operating the west flagship store at the KiddyLand Osaka, Umeda Branch and KiddyLand the 38 store has produced the “Jacky MARCHE” by holding the “Jackie’s Friends Fair” from August 10th – September 11th.



 ‘Kuma No Gakkou (Bears School)’ is the popular series of the photo book which had been sold for 2.2millions copies until now and to celebrating their 15th years anniversary this year, it is a loved by many people and has gained high support. And from August 25th they decided to release the new movie by TOHO Line with the ‘Movie of “Kuma no Gakkou, Jackie the Pastiche and Osama’s Sweet” ’

During this summer vacation, an opportunity for all family to go out with their child are increase in this summer so the KiddyLand has open the new special corner of ‘Kuma no Gakkou’ for parents to enjoy with their child. At the corner, theirs will be a new book cover for “Jackie’s Hapiness” which Jackie and his friends are appeared on the cover and also release the cute KiddyLand Limited Item that you would take it with no excursions! Also, for the early bird if you purchase more than 1,500 Yen(Tax Include) you will get the Original Goods Present.

In addition, at the Jackie MARCHE in KiddyLand Osaka, Umeda branch, they will held the event of ‘Kids Store Manager Event’ on August 19th. To raise this event, all cute kids’ manager and Jackie will be appear in the Movie of “Jackie the Pastiche and Osama’s Sweet” as a PR release on August 25th.

プリント< Purchase privilege > August 11th (Fri):Clear Pouch

プリント< Purchase privilege > August 25th (Fri):Mirror Mascot

プリントOriginal Shopping Bag


KiddyLand Original Limited Item

1-Day Kids Store Manager Event
Date and Time:August 19 from 13:00~
Location:KiddyLand Osaka, Umeda Branch

Photographing Party with Jackie
Date and Time:August 19 – 20 on 13:00~、15:00~
※Only first 50 persons per day



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