‘CRAFTHOLIC’ Photo book production project has start up at BOOSTER

Held an announcement event at Kichijoji PARCO

‘CRAFTHOLIC’ Photo book production project has start up at Parco’s Cloud Funding Service ‘BOOSTER’ on this August 8th.


CRAFTHOLIC will be 10th anniversary in next year, 2018. They had decided to create the first picture book by starting this project from a strong thought that they want to make something together for celebrating 10th year anniversary of CRAFTHOLIC Fans (aka: Holicker).

At this times it will be an exclusive sale only for BOOSTER that you can purchase the CRAFTHOLIC 10th anniversary goods and will lead to support of photo book production. In addition, PARCO hopes to raise the 10th anniversary together and will continue to expand from the photo book production to extensively the events.

Also, according to this project there will implement be an announcement event at the Kichijoji PARCO on August 19-20.

\10th AnniversaryLoose Healing of Character CRAFTHOLIC First Photo Book Production Project
Recruitment period:August, 8 – September, 10
Target amount:3,000,000 Yen
Owners: ACCENT CRAFTHOLIC Limited Company

Announcement Event
Location:Kichijoji PARCO 6F, front of the escalator
Date and Time:19 – 20 August (10:00~18:00)


・Project detail:https://www.booster-parco.com/project/266
・CRAFTHOLIC 10th anniversary special web site:http://www.craftholic10th.com/

REF : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9640

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