Also they will released a 1-day ticket for Tokyu Line with the design of  “Gintama” character.

From August 1st to September 18th, the famous animated ‘Gintama’ will holding the stamp rally collaboration with Tokyu Corporation with the theme of ‘Gintama Stamp Rally~Watch out the ink drying while stamp~’


From June, they are conducting a railway line introduction using “Gintama” character on Twitter. This stamp rally is actually aim to getting experience of the charming around the Tokyu Line.

Collect the stamp from those 5 stations of Tokyu Line such as Shibuya Station, Hiyoshi Staion you can redeem the original designed postcard, the present at the Hiyashi Station. Also, for those 20 persons who get all the stamp among the person who applied for the W Chance Campaign wiil get the special postcard of ‘Gintama’ characters the ‘Collaboration with a Special Stuffed Dolls’ as a gift.


Further, according to this event they will release a limited number of the Tokyu 1-Day ticket with the special designed of ‘Gintama’ as same as stamp rally design during the holding period.


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