Sanrio Character Collaborating with 7-11 Thailand in ‘I LOVE THAILAND’ campaign

7-11 Thailand has announced their new premium redeem item of Sanrio Character Collaborating item.


Sanrio Character all wearing the Thai style dress and promoting famous Thailand’s place and recommended province and their famous stuffs. Such as 1THB stamp, promoting Rayong province and Rayon’s famous place’s Koh Samed. For the 3THB stamp, Hello Kitty wearing Jongkrabain, Thai’s style fabric pant.

© 7-11 Thailand

By purchased every 50 THB get 1 THB stamp or purchased the special product get more extra 3THB stamp. Collect the stamp for redeem the special collaboration items such as collected stamp for 69THB +1 THB get the Microwavable box 1 set.

© 7-11 Thailand

Or you can use that stamp instead of real money for purchase the item, like you buy 20THB item but you got the money only 19THB you can use this stamp for 1THB instead. For the member who got the 7-11 Application get extra stamp 1THB in every purchased. Get the lucky draw to win the special gift such as the Jubilee (jewelry store ) x Hello Kitty accessory with diamonds or the Hello Kitty Luggage.

© 7-11 Thailand

Period : 24 July – 23 November 2017


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