“ITS’DEMO”, release the new limited design cosmetic for “Disney Marie”

Held from August 15th , the Cosme Week

To expanding the world fashion group develops, the fashion store ‘ITS’DEMO’ the cloth for women is holding the ‘Cosme Week’ which is to celebrating the coming autumn from August 15th – September 11th.


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‘Harajuku Rascal Shop’ has open for celebrating the 40th anniversary of animation broadcast!

This year’s theme is ‘YUMEKAWAII’

The Japanese animation which held announced in 1977 the animation called “Rascal the Raccoon” in commemoration of the 40th anniversary this year at the Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) on the 3rd floor POP UP space “OMOHARA STATION (Omohara Station) from September 1st to October 1st by open “Harajuku Rascal Shop” for a limited time.



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Toys”R”Us Japan collaborating with Despicable Me

Limited Present from Minion Only at Toys”R”Us!

From August 4th, Japan Toys ‘R’ Us the largest store of toys and baby goods in Japan is holding a gift campaign collaborating which is the Happy Set of “Despicable Me” that McDonald’s Japan provide will be sell for a limited time.



© Universal Studios

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「Idol Time PuriPara」× Animate has collaborating for the new Café !

YUMEKAWA(CUTE GIRL) Summer Beach Café」theme with the Limited collaboration goods release

Animate Café, the café that collaboration with the games and animation characters such as Idol Time PuriPara will be holding from August 24th until October 1st.

idol 00

© T-ARTS/syn Sophia/テレビ東京/IPP製作委員会

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Provide entertainment space that visitors can enjoy

From August 1st, LINE Official Characters Store ‘LINE FRIEND STORE in NEW YORK’ has opening the new shop in New York, Times Square.

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“50th anniversary Licca chan Exhibition” held at the Matsuzakaya Nagoya store

Over 700 exhibits in total and about 400 kinds of exhibition limited goods sold

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store will hold “50th Anniversary Licca chan Exhibition” at Matsuzakaya Nagoya shop, South area on 8F the Matsuzakaya Hall from August 9th to September 4th.



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Powerpuff Girls Collaborating with Popular Reader Model!

Peko・Ryuchel」look alike appearance of popular original design product

BIGFACE has a collaboration projects with the Star Ray Productions, the popular reader model and entertainment office that “Peko · Ryuchel” belongs, they had held the collaboration project with the “Powerpuff Girls” a Popular Animation on Cartoon Network Channel.


©RyuPeco.com/TM & © Cartoon Network.(s17)

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Characters Café in Thailand!

In these several years, Characters café is very boom in Thailand. Mostly be like the coffee shop that gathering all teens and adult to come and relax. It’s all have own story theme for each café that you must be loved! Some serve only the desert, some server together with the desert and meal. You can enjoy having you precious time with your favorite character! Not only famous for Thai’s fan but also to the foreigner who visit to Thailand as well!

Here are some famous characters café holding in Thailand these past year.


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KiddyLand 38 store held the ‘Jackie’s Friends Fair’!

Held the event for ‘Kids Staff Event’ at the 「Jackie’s MARCHE」

KiddyLand has operating the west flagship store at the KiddyLand Osaka, Umeda Branch and KiddyLand the 38 store has produced the “Jacky MARCHE” by holding the “Jackie’s Friends Fair” from August 10th – September 11th.



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‘CRAFTHOLIC’ Photo book production project has start up at BOOSTER

Held an announcement event at Kichijoji PARCO

‘CRAFTHOLIC’ Photo book production project has start up at Parco’s Cloud Funding Service ‘BOOSTER’ on this August 8th.


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Taisho Pharmaceutical releases “Lipovitan D x Dragon Ball’

Expanding the first animated collaborating package

Taisho Pharmaceutical has release new limited edition collaboration product of ‘Lipovitan D x Dragon Ball Limited Design Bottle’ with the anime ‘Dragon Ball’ for the first time of quantity and limited period from the August 1st.



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Disney’s design has appearance in 「Cleverin × BE@RBRICK」!

4 design such as Mickey Mouse, Darth Vader

TAIKO PHARMACEUTICAL CO LTD has launch the new product of viruses and bacteria remove with chlorine dioxide molecules by added to 4 kinds of Characters to the products with ‘Cleverin x BE@RBRICK’ which are Mickey Mouse, Jack Skellington, Dart Vader and Stormtrooper and they have a plan to sell them in limited quantities.


©2001-2017 MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION. All rights reserved.

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