‘PAC-MAN GIINZA STYLE’ held at Ginza Mitsukoshi

Ginza Mitsukoshi advance sales product also release
Isetan Mitsukoshi Holding will held the ‘PAC-MAN GINZA STYLE’ at the Ginza Mitsukoshi on August 12 to 21.

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In the event will have a product for sale and exhibition for Game Machine. It’s a big summer event that you can enjoy with a wide range of generations like with friends of your family. Also at the ISETAN Mitsukoshi will release a new advance cute product for sale from the new shop ‘PAC STORE’.

Period:12 – 21 August 2017
Location:Ginza Mitsukoshi, 9FL Ginza Terrace/Terrace Court

【Product Overview】
One Piece(Pac Store)
Clutch bag(Pac Store)
Drop Can(Ginza Mitsukoshi Pre-Sale)

For more information : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9590

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