‘PanPaKa Pantsu’ x ‘Pom Pom Purin Café’ Project in progress!

Parco and Village Vanguard is collaborating with ‘BOOSTER’
The collaboration of Parco and Village Vanguard are Parco’s Crow Funding Service with ‘BOOSTER’.

パルコ01© PPP
© 1996,2017SANRIO CO.,LTD.APPROVAL NO.581454

Utilizing the strengths of both companies that to developing store nationwide with the topic of ‘The First Collaboration of PomPomPurin and PanPaKa Pantsu’ to celebrating the Shizuoka Parco, inside of the Shizuoka Parco to expansion the new café with SLD in ‘First in Japan! PanPaKa Pantsu x PomPomPurin Café’ and ‘Original Goods and Café Goods Shop’ at Village Vanguard, also launched the ‘Purin in Pant?! Fisrt in Japan! Limited Open Project of PanPaKa Pantsu x PomPomPurin Café!’

Also have the original collaborative goods will be sale for the first time at PanPaKa Pantsu x PomPom Purin Café such as cute food and sweet and drink and original goods at the shop in theme ‘kawara CAFÉ&KITCHEN’.

Dream of Collaboration Memorial! Purin in Pant! First in Japan!
Limited open project of PanPaKa Pantsu x PomPomPurin Café
Recruitment period : July 13 – August 31

【Main Content】
‘Great Deals Tickets!’
■ <With guidance priority ticket>
Meal ticket for 3,000 yen from 3,500 yen
■ 【1,000 yen OFF】
<With guidance priority ticket>
Meal ticket for 4,000 yen from 5,000 yen and others

‘Limited! First appearance PanPaKa Pantsu × Pompompuri Caféoriginal goods’

For more information:https://www.booster-parco.com/project/243

Ref : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9600 

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