Line Village Grand Opening in Bangkok!

Since last week Line Thailand has launch their shop at Siam Square One! Called ‘Line Village Bangkok’. An Imagination Village that separate the area by each characters rooms, such as a room with 360 degrees of Brown, Kony’s room as a Kitchen room and the Plaza area for show their town in minimal size : )


In their shop have many premium product such as a stationary, mobile case, pillow and more of Line characters for sale. For the price is quite not higher than the shop in Japan and Korea. The special is the T-shirt that have a screen of ‘BANGKOK’ for the limited edition item.


Also you can take a selfie at the front of the shop with the Brown, Cony and James!! the signature of the Line Friends!

However, since the shop seem too small for the 1,500 sqm with 3 floors but for the less of the space they’d plan to make the Line Theme Park, the digital Theme Park and Line Cafe within the end of this year !!

for more information :

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