KAO releases Licca Chan collaboration video 「ASIENCE SHOW」

Kao has release their CM on their Youtube Channel about their Hair brand 「ASIENCE」with new 6 episode of「ASIENCE SHOW」 from June 9th.


In the video presented by Mr. Tokui Yoshimi from Tutorial as a professor of ‘HONOKA Academy’ to support ‘A slightly colorful women’ to celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, ASIENCE limited collaboration design package showing a short control with the character of Licca chan is on sale.



main#1Story of 「Professor Tokui’s Hair Quality」
sub1#2 Story of 「Hair Quality Delusion」sub2#3 Story of「Whichever hair it is」
sub3#4 Story of「Hard/Soft Licca Chan」
sub4#5 Story of「Confession?」
sub5#6 Story of 「Licca chan’s Hair Quality」


【Implementation Outline】
Purchase receipt period:June 5th – September 5th
Application deadline:September 12th is the effective postmark on the day
Qualification requirements:Apply for 1 point to get 1 item as per the purchase receipt period(Multiple entries are allow)



・Licca Official Website:http://licca.takaratomy.co.jp/official/

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