“ITS’DEMO” release new collaboration items of “Cinnamon Roll” and “Tuxedo Sam” with the fluffy soft drawing art!

The fashion store for lady, “ITS’DEMO” has announce the new collaboration item of Sanrio famous character “Cinnamon Roll” and “Tuxedo Sam”!

“Happy Rainy Day” is the soft and fluffy art theme design only at ‘ITS’DEMO’ ☆
ITS’DEMO Cinnamon Roll ・ Tuxedo Sam Collaboration Item
cc8239caba21dab9ed90647ce2fda865©1979,2001,2017 SANRIO CO.,LTD. APROVAL NO.S575835

Sales period : From June, 20th – July, 17th
Sales store : ITS’DEMO store

Theme is “Happy Rainy Day” it’s the Rainy season sky also feeling Fun!

Wrapped by the bubble, put on an umbrella, looking to the puddle, those 2 cute Cinnamon Roll and Tuxedo Sam, drawing on the light pastel color with blue and pink like a rainbow.

Only designed by “ITS’DEMO” has release 42 items such as stationary, towel, key holder. (from ¥170 to ¥3,400)

Furthermore, shopper who has purchase at the store will get limited quantity for present as an illustrator of “Cinnamon Roll” and “Tuxedo Sam”.

Original cute light pastel water color illust from “ITS’DEMO”.

The collaboration item of “Cinnamon Roll” and “Tuxedo Sam” start selling from June, 20th☆

For more info : https://www.world.co.jp/itsdemo/news/brand/15914/

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