Zoff x MARVEL HEROES: The New Heroic Sunglasses Sets!!

“Zoff”, a Japanese eyewear brand just launched the new series of sunglasses featuring motifs from American famous comics “MARVEL COMICS” from May 22. The series is named “MARVEL COMICS COLLECTION SUNGLASSES SERIES” which will be sold in every stores across Japan.


©2017 MARVEL

The sunglasses sets will come with 2 variants; Boston and Wellington, which will be designed with comic arts and panels, and will looks suitable for anyone in any ages. The characters will be the popular ones that everyone loves such as Spider-man, Ironman, and Captain America. By printing on only the inside of handles, it is very unique that only American comics can do.


・Official Website: http://www.zoff.co.jp/sp/marvel/sunglasses2017/

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