“Where’s Wally?” Anniversary Projects on the run!! Special events are planned to be held!!

Plaza Style is a master licensor in Japan who is holding the rights to “WHERE’S WALLY?”, which will its 30th anniversary this June. For the 30th anniversary, the Anniversary Year project is in planning.

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For right now, the planned events are such as “Treasure Hunt at Toshimaen!”, “Finding Wally” event at Tokyo subway station on April 26th, Wally Run at San Topia World in Niigata, and so much more to come.

1703ウォーリーB1_3ol [更新済み]

Also, new book “NEW WHERE’S WALLY?” will be on sale soon. There are more stuffs to find with the arranged new “Check box” for the reader to check once they find anything.

Furthermore, there are so many anniversary merchandises for purchase. The “NEW ERA x WHERE’S WALLY?” collaboration caps became talk of the town quick after its launch on April 13th. In June, limited edition merchandises will be sold in PLAZA・MINiPLA as well.

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