Hatsune Miku x Donkihote store Collaboration!! Opening in 28 stores across Japan!

The company Legs is having a collaboration campaign between Donkihote Akihabara store and the Visual Character that will have 10th anniversary, “Hatsune Miku”, starting from April 22nd.

MIKU01Hatsune Miku comes with the new single “Wolf”, the collaboration song written by the Vocaloid artist “Yuyo Yuppe”, and Miku is illustrated by famous artist “Torikoshi Takumi”. Also, the theme song of Donkihote store “Miracle Shopping”, which really stick with the ears, is getting a Metal remix by the band “tilt-six”.

On the 5th floor of Donkihote Akihabara store, there will be a big panel for Photo Georama Corner. The original merchandises will be sold in other Donkihote branches around Japan from April 28th after the event ends in Akihabara.



During the time, if customers buy more than 3,000 yen (tax excluded), they will receive one “Original Badge”, which has 3 designs in total for collecting.

・Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary Website: http://piapro.net/miku10th/

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