Second Loft x Hello Kitty “TOKYOOTONAKITTY” items on Sales with Kawaii style!

Loft is now selling the merchandise series related to the collaboration project from last October “TOKYOOTONAKITTY” as a second time, from March 25th.

HK1ⓒ1976, 2017 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO.575948

“TOKYOOTONAKITTY” is a merchandise series that targets the cute and kawaii lifestyle of ladies in their 20s and older. Lifestylish Kowaki Misato will be the advisor along with popular illustrator Shogo Sekine to create the Tokyo kawaii style designs. These second series merchandises will be showcased during the event “TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION” at the “TOKYOOTONAKITTY” booth on March 25th.

At the Yuurakucho branch of Loft, there will be photo spots, as well as sales of items such as pouch, dolls, stationaries, and around 40 new items for the highly wanted “TOKYOOTONAKITTY” series which is considered as “HELLO KITTY GOODS COLLECTION. From April 3rd onwards, Hello Kitty will also make the appearance at the shop.



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