Having Easter Party with this Gudetama x Ito Ham Collaboration Campaign!

Ito Ham is doing a collaboration with Sanrio’s popular character “Gudetama” for Easters period called “Gudetama x Ito Ham Easter Party”.

Easter is also known as “the festival of rebirth” since it is a season which lives begin and the nature are refreshed once again. The event features motifs that is related to the colorful “Easter Eggs” and the joyful “Easter Bunny”, which looks fun and energetic. For family and friends, Gudetama which is gaining popularity very quickly recently will join in original product packages and also the “Easter Party” which will be held on the website.

This time, Gudetama will come in Easter version theme on cute looking packages. The Easter themed products are sausages, chicken nuggets, and around 20 more types in the line-up. In the website, there will be recommended menu and recipe for Easter. The menus are the perfect fit for the Easter Party.

・Ito Ham Official Site:http://www.itoham.co.jp/campaign/easter2017/

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