Kuroko’s Basketball x JVC Collab Wireless Earbuds Released!

Wireless stereo earbuds based on the Kuroko’s Basketball teams Vorpal Swords and Strky are available for pre-order on Premium Bandai as of Feb. 9! These were developed as a collaboration between Kuroko’s Basketball and JVC Kenwood in honor of the newest film Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game being released on March 18.


■ About the Earbuds
Two versions are available based on teams appearing in the movie: Vorpal Swords and Strky.
Vorpal Swords is a street basketball drill team made up of Generation of Miracles member and protagonist Kuroko Tetsuya, Kagami Taiga, and Akashi Seijuro. The Vorpal Swords version features red details based on their team uniform and the VS logo that appears on the chests of their uniforms.

The Strky version is based on the college team made up of the members that enrolled in five different high schools including Imayoshi Shoichi and Kasamatsu Yukio. This version has blue coloring and a simple design that’s great for everyday use.


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