“Ultraman World” Shop Opens in Osaka

picture1Ultraman, the Japanese hero that was created by Tsuburaya Productions, will open its own shop “Ultraman World M78 Osaka Branch” on March 16th at Hankyu Third Avenue North Building B1F.

picture2Speaking of the Ultraman series that occurred in Osaka with familiar monsters, the image of Ultraman fighting “Ancient Monster Gomorra” at Osaka Castle is a very clear example. In celebration of the opening of the Osaka store, we prepare limited items, purchase benefits and Ultra Hero showcase events featuring “Ancient Monster Gomorra”.

picture4There are many items ranging from items that adults want to use every day to items that support their children.

Throughout Japan, there are Ultra Heroes who serve as honorary store managers at each Ultraman World M78 store. Inauguration ceremony & announcement ceremony of “Ultraman Orb” as Osaka store honorary store manager will be held.

There are souvenirs such as T-shirts and sweets with original design on it. The design consists of Ultraman fighting Gomorra with Osaka Castle in the background.picture3


Official Release (Japanese):http://m-78.jp/news/n-4460/


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