Tesco Lotus 2017 Promotion Starts with Kung Fu Panda

picture1Tesco Lotus is celebrating 2017 New Year with “Kung Fu Panda” characters to attract its customers.

There are many premium items that can be exchanged with stamps with the concept of “Collect less, Get more! Anybody can get it!”. There are more than 200 stamp promotions from the partner companies, including fresh food and so on.

Tesco Lotus Express has been very successful with its past projects such as collaborations with B-Duck, Snoopy, and Doraemon.

With 2017, it starts with “Kung Fu Panda”, the FUN&ACTIVE master of martial arts with his 5 friends, with the point stamps for the customers across Thailand. The maximum amount of collected stamps will be 890 stamps, which was made less for easier access.

The promotion will be from January 5th to April 5th 2017.
Tesco Lotus Website(Thai) : https://partnership.tescolotus.com/th/activities/172/KungfuPandaExpress

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