Cup Noodle Special Collection for FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary

picture2Nisshin Shokuhin opened a reservation on its online store website for the exclusive “Cup Noodles FINAL FANTASY BOSS COLLECTION Package”. The real sales period starts from February 1 at 10am.

“Cup Noodles FINAL FANTASY BOSS COLLECTION Package” is an anniversary collaboration between Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Project” and “Cup Noodles.

With the concept of “Hunger us the greatest enemy”, the cup noodles are all designed with the features from boss characters of the Final Fantasy games from FFI to FFXV, in the total of 15 types in the series. The noodles will come in a special display case.

Furthermore, as a purchasing bonus, 30 people will be picked randomly to be gifted the “Essential Meal Only! Ultima Weapon Fork”.

It is an exclusive item made for the fan for this “Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Project”.

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