Clothing Shop BEAMS Japan Collaborates with Hello Kitty

picture4BEAMS JAPAN is having a collaboration with the popular Japanese character of Sanrio “Hello Kitty” from March 6th. There will be special collaboration items on sale.

In this time, there will be 2 collaboration item sets.
First one is a tribute to HELLO KITTY’s archived items, something like the beach sandals sold in the 1970’s, popular sports sandals, and Boston bags arranged for adults to have feelings of nostalgia. There are also T-shirts, Bags, Caps, with Hello Kitty silhouettes on them, with the candles which have apple scents on them in this line-up.

Another series is with the Sports Brand “FILA” who will produce the tennis wears and accessories along side “HELLO KITTY X BEAMS JAPAN” campaign. HELLO KITTY ‘s iconic ribbon was adopted as a motif with three colors of red, white and navy common to FILA and HELLO KITTY as the key color.

picture5For small items such as caps and pouches are treated with three-dimensional ribbons. Both of the series produced by Mr. Mizumi Mizumi, a designer of BEAMS who loves HELLO KITTY.
During March 6th to 28th, there will be a special corner in BEAMS JAPAN which sells collaboration items and once you buy them, you will be able to pick up special gifts from Sanrio Shop. On the packages of the gifts, there is special logo sticker sealed on.
Also, for the first 20 customers who buy products for more than 5,000 yen, they will be rewarded with the participation of the signing event of Hello Kitty designer Yamada Yuko, with original Totebag designed by her as a gift.

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