Pokémon Research Exhibition in Singapore


Level up your Pokémon experience at our fun and interactive exhibition “Pokémon Research Exhibition”, held in Singapore, for the first time outside Japan.

Calling all aspiring Pokémon Trainers! Get ready to put on your lab coats and discover the amazing types of Pokémon.

Become a scientific researcher for a day to investigate the mysterious Pokémon hidden in a Poké Ball.
Embark on your mission by choosing the difficulty levels from three Poké Ball – a regular Poké Ball (easy), a Great Ball (medium), or an Ultra Ball (hard).
Take on the challenges at various interactive stations to deduce the critter contained within your Poké Balls from intriguing clues.


picture6Meet four larger-than-life Pokémon figures at the exhibition, and Pikachu will make appearances to greet fans and help them in their “research”! Don’t miss the epic Pokédex wall featuring more than 700 Pokémon in their colourful glory.

picture9Exclusive Pokémon merchandise, including stationery, T-shirts, cushions and plushies will be up for grabs, so make sure you take something from this fun and interactive exhibition home by indulging in a bit of retail therapy!picture7

picture8Location: S.E.A. Aquarium, Singapore
For more information: http://www.rwsentosa.com/Homepage/Attractions/SEAAquarium/Pokemon

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