Despicable me -Minions Event in Taiwan


The famous yellow characters, Minions, are coming to Taiwan. Titled ‘Despicable Me – The Evil Studio’ (神偷奶爸-邪恶制片厂), this event can appeal to people from all genders and ages.

The event is held from December 15, 2017 to February 26, 2017.
The venue is converted into a big minion playground.
The location is at Taipei Expo Park.

The admission tickets are priced at NT$280 for adults and NT$230 for children/students (re-entry allowed). Each ticket comes with a complimentary foldable shopping bag.

The Minions characters are adorable come with 10 movie scenes re-created for Minions fans to take photos.

There are 6 game stations to play.
Each game costs NT$50 while a ticket for 3 games costs NT$130 that can be bought at the vending machines.
There are 3 tiers of prizes for the games: minion-themed, small minion plushies, and cuddle-sized plushies.
imagehere’s also the sales area which people can purchase a good range of ‘despicable-me’ themed merchandises or visitors can bring home something from the photo stickers and labels booths as well.

For more information: (Chinese)


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