[Column#3 ]Children’s Day in Thailand and the Effect on Character Business


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Kids are one of the most important segments in Thailand. There are huge competitive markets for kids related products with so many SKUs in each brand and category.

The emphasis on kids also leads to having Children’s Day in Thailand, to point out the importance of this age group. The Children’s Day is held on the second Saturday of January every year. Many government and private locations are opened for observations and tours, such as the White House, military bases, and so on.

Apart from the ones organized by public sectors, there are many locations with events related to cartoon and anime characters as well. The most obvious and famous one is the Modern Nine Cartoon Children’s Day event which is organized by Modern Nine TV Channel. The other ones are events organized by the character licensors themselves, which are quite interesting and will be the main topic this time.

1. Doraemon Event at Central Plaza Westgate


The first event is the Doraemon event. For 2017, Doraemon and friends came to one of the biggest shopping mall in Bangkok, Central Plaza Westgate on January 14 and 15. Animation International, which is the local master lisensor for Doraemon here in Thailand, has the partnership with Central Mall Group and have events in different branches across the country.

Within this event, kids will be participating in game activities, free giveaways, and Meet & Greet with character mascots.There are merchandise selling as well as sponsor booths to help attract more people. The main area has the stage that will have performances with Doraemon.


2. Pokémon Day 2017 at Siam Paragon and nearby areas


Another interesting Children’s Day event is the one with Pokémon at Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery called “Pokémon Day 2017”. This is the second year of Pokémon event organized by True, who is the local master lisensor in Thailand.

There are total of 5 areas for kids to enjoy. The main area is the “Pokémon Park” which is the venue with main stage and sponsor booths. The performances on the main stage are various dances from Pikachu mascots and human performers. There are activities within booths with prices for participants. Other sections are Pop-up photo area, game corner, merchandises area, and so on.

Due to its location, the event was a huge success that attracted kids, adults, and foreign tourists.


3. Cartoon Network Hero Academy at Terminal21 Asok


Another event in a big shopping mall is the “Fun Park Party” at Terminal21 Asok from January 6 to 15. Similar to other character events, this was organized by Pacific Licensing who is the local master lisensor.

The event is in the theme of “Cartoon Network Hero Academy” with characters such as Powerpuff Girls and Ben10 joining the fun. There were Meet & Greet activities with both characters throughout the duration of the event. Merchandises are also sold in the venue as well.


Even though the Children’s Day events are only held in around maximum one week, they are good opportunities for companies to promote their brands and products. During the period, the exposures to kids are many and the chances of leaving brand image to them are huge.

Also, if the sponsoring companies have memorable activities within the events, they can leave good impressions to the event participants, both kids and parents. As good examples, the sponsors in the Pokémon event are brands within CP groups and Muang Thai Life Insurance. The merchandise companies can also boost their sales in this specific period because parents will buy anything that their kids request.

This is a once-a-year chance for big companies to invest and benefit from. It is highly recommended to participate during this Children’s Day period.

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