BETTY BOOP™ DINER Opens in Tokyo

bettyCopyrights Asia just launched an American Diner restaurant with the motifs of its property “Betty Boop™”. The restaurant is called “BETTY BOOP™ DINER” and was opened on January 17, 2017 located in Shinjuku area in Tokyo.
“BETTY BOOP™ DINER” is a diner restaurant with the feel of the good old vibe of 1950s. Inside the diner is the cool and cute atmosphere which is exactly similar to some scenes from foreigner films.

In addition to the classic menus of American diners, the dishes are American and local cuisine that has evolved in various ways such as Tex-Mex dishes (Mexican-style American food) such as Nachos and also Cajun dishes (Seafood Gumbo and Cajun Shrimp from South Louisiana’s cuisines) in the menus.

betty3The menus decorated with wafers and cute hearts designed by Betty illustration features an original style with character café-like fun.

If talking about diners, people might think about hamburgers or steaks, but in “BETTY BOOP™ DINER” the real stars are the luxurious-looking breakfast menus.

People can enjoy the varieties of menus from French Toasts that are made from pancakes, egg benedicts, and bagels to sausages/hams and eggs menus.
Since the diners is opened from 7 AM, it is also possible to come and enjoy before work.betty1In the future we plan to sell Betty products even inside the store, we will also have events that are tailored to the season, such as Valentine and Christmas.

“BETTY BOOP™ DINER” is established as a permanent store. Also, the concept is also “Diner”, which is different from the limited-time character collaboration cafe which is currently in fashion.

Female gatherings, dates, and family can also be enjoyed by women, including female office workers, and they are attracting attention for future trends.


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