[Event Report] Key Secrets for Great Success of Pokémon Run in Taiwan

picture3Pokémon Run Taiwan 2016, held on the Christmas Eve Day with more than 5,000 participants, was a huge success. Sponsors were also greatly satisfied according to TG Taiwan, the event organizer company.

What’s the secret of this amazing success? Here’s what CharaBiz.Asia discovered as key factors.

About Pokémon Run Taiwan 2016

This event is officially authorized by the Pokémon Company

Venue: Taipei Metropolitan Park (One of the biggest park in Taipei)

Participants: About 5,800(registered), yet around 10,000 people have attend the event

SNS: Facebook Page 13,000+ likes
*all numbers as of the Jan. 2017

What satisfied participants

picture4– Participants were enjoying the lottery lucky draws and the rewards, all imported
from Japan.

– All the product samples that were given out on the date were in high quality.
Examples: Nintendo Flying Disc (Originally prepared by the worldwide game company), Pepperidge Farm Cookies (imported cookies which is quite expensive) etc.

pic8– Lots of Photo spots for participants to enjoy.

– Attendance of
famous entertainers (especially for children, famous entertainer from kid channels has been invited to the event)

What satisfied sponsors

picture5– The layout of the venue was well designed. Photo spots and FRP were placed right beside the sponsor’s booths, which leaded participants to sponsor’s booths.

– All activities that took place on the sponsor’s booth were announced on the official event Facebook page before the event.

– Logos of the sponsor appeared on most of the key items such as backdrop, starting gate, and so on, as well as on the items in run kits.

What made Pokemon Run So Special

picture2– All items in the run kits, photo spots, plus all decorations including information boards are all specially designed for the event.

– The theme of the event is all about Pokémon and Christmas. The background music including the warm-up activity music are Christmas themed to boost the holiday season’s feeling.

In addition to massive popularity of Pokémon (which was of course a crucial element), all these details seems to be the key for event’s success, making everyone involved happy and satisfied.


Pokémon Run Taiwan Facebook Page

TG Taiwan Website (Event Organizer)


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