”Cookie Run”Characters at Dunkin’ Donuts Menu

dunkin1The popular mobile game characters Cookie Run are coming to Thailand in the form of donuts. Dunkin’ Donuts is now doing a collaboration with “Cookie Run” with original menus and new promotions. Continue reading “”Cookie Run”Characters at Dunkin’ Donuts Menu”

“Adventure Times” Character Café by Sweets Buffet Chain

picture1“Adventure Times”, the Original cartoon from the main animation channel ”Cartoon Network” is having a collaboration café from January 31 to February 19, at Sweets Paradise Osaka Tennoji Mio Branch. Continue reading ““Adventure Times” Character Café by Sweets Buffet Chain”

Despicable me -Minions Event in Taiwan


The famous yellow characters, Minions, are coming to Taiwan. Titled ‘Despicable Me – The Evil Studio’ (神偷奶爸-邪恶制片厂), this event can appeal to people from all genders and ages. Continue reading “Despicable me -Minions Event in Taiwan”

[Event Report] Key Secrets for Great Success of Pokémon Run in Taiwan

picture3Pokémon Run Taiwan 2016, held on the Christmas Eve Day with more than 5,000 participants, was a huge success. Sponsors were also greatly satisfied according to TG Taiwan, the event organizer company.

What’s the secret of this amazing success? Here’s what CharaBiz.Asia discovered as key factors.
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Doraemon in Chinese New Year Design at Family Mart Vietnam

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Family Mart Vietnam launched a new red envelop, with designs of Doraemon.


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[Research#1] Character Gifts in Thailand


There are many special occasion in life that people shop for the perfect gifts for their special ones. We CharaBiz.Asia conducted a research to find out what people have received and what do they want for their next celebrations, regarding characters.
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