“Kuroko no Basuke” x “NEW ERA”the Street Fashion Brand

Imperial Enterprise is now having a collaboration for its brand “NEW ERA®” with popular anime “Kuroko no Basuke”.
kurokoThey released the new series of hats “Kuroko no Basuke × NEW ERA® Official Collaboration Models 9FIFTY™ CAP 7 selections”. The motif will be related to the new movie “Kuroko no Basuke Winter Cup Seminar – Beyond the Door” which opened on December 3rd.

For this products, it is a collaboration that involves the celebration of the new movie “Kuroko no Basuke Winter Cup” and the high-class street fashion brand “NEW ERA(R)”, and will have 7 designs in total.kuroko3

Kuroko and Kagami, the anime’s main characters, will be joined by the members of “the Generation of Miracle (Kiseki no Sedai)” for the new models of 9FIFTY CAP which targets both male and female. In front of the cap, there are initial letters of each characters in the stylish original fonts. And by purchasing the products, the customers will get special character stickers for each design of the caps as a present.


・Official Website:http://iei.jp/kuroko_newera/


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