TWIN PLANET announced that it is doing a collaboration with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and ASOBISYSTEM to bring the IP of PAC-MAN to a themed store called “PAC-STORE” to bring new targets to the franchise.

pakman©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.collaborated with ASOBISYSTEM,TWIN PLANET

The IP of PAC-MAN that BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment own is a franchise that have done collaborations with luxurious brands and high fashions in recent years. This time, “PAC-STORE” will be selling products that mainly target girls in the “Kawaii” way. And with the help of ASOBISYSTEM, the communication to female targets will be easier and stronger worldwide.

In this “PAC-STORE” collaboration, ASOBISYSTEM will be in charge of creative designs. TWIN PLANET will be in charge of marketing production.

And lastly, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment will be in charge of the licensing outputs. They are thinking about expanding the IP recognition by making events with fashions, merchandises, and so on.

・Homepage of “PAC-STORE”:

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