Point Service in Japan “Ponta” Collaborates with TatsunokoPro Characters

The points service “Ponta”, managed by Royality Marketing, will launch a collaboration campaign between characters of TatsunokoPro and its own character “Ponta”. The campaign is for the 55th anniversary which will be held in 2017, and will be called “Pontatsunoko”.
©Ponta/TatsunokoProThere will be 3 new concepts of “Ponta” which are inspired by Tatsunoko’s characters “Gacha Man”, “Yatta Man”, and “The Genie Family” in this collaboration.


Since it is the 7th anniversary in 2017 for the character “Ponta”, they are looking for potential licensees to collaborate.

The collaboration period will be from March 2017 to February 2018.

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