Cute and Sweet Scent! Kameyama x Rilakkuma Collaboration “Rilakkuma’s Sweet Scent”

Rosoku・Kameyama is doing a collaboration with the nationwide popular character “Rilakkuma” from November 1st by making a product called “Rilakkuma’s Sweet Scent”.


“Rilakkuma” is a very popular character that can be suited with many age groups with the feels and themes of relaxing and soothing people’s heart. By using “Rilakkuma” on the package, it will help boosting the cuteness and deliciousness of the aroma. There are 2 smells available; Pancake and Tropical Juice.

This is the first time in the world with these aroma smells. When you bake two scents at the same time, a delicious scent like spreading tropical juice spreads while fluffy hot cake is blowing spread. Of course, you can use it as incense as “healing” of busy days.

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