Sunshine Sakae Complex Collaborates with Sesame Street

Sunshine Sakae Shopping Complex in Nagoya is doing a campaign with Sesame Street from November 16th to December 25th.

sesame“Sky-Boat” Ferris Wheel, which is the symbol of the town of Sakae, will be changed into Sesame Street theme. The passenger cars will be wrapped with the cute character designs, and the customers will be given the anniversary tickets.

The seafood restaurant “Fisherman’s Club” on the 6F will be changed into “Sesame Street Café” as well. You will be able to enjoy the buffet style Sesame Street themed menus. Also, there will be merchandise selling on the 4F.

The Christmas tree that is always placed every year will be replaced with Sesame Street Tree this year. On the opening day of November 15th, Sesame Street character “Elmo” and “Cookie Monster” will be coming, and joined by SKE48 members, to open the Christmas Tree.






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