“Maru-Matsu San” Collaboration Merchandise at MARUI Dept. Store

MARUI department store is now doing a campaign called “Maru-matsu san”, a collaboration with popular character “Osomatsu-san”, from October 14th to November 30th.

Marumatsu big1.jpg

The campaign will be hold at Shibuya Marui, Kyoto Marui, and Oita Amuse Plaza. There are limited edition merchandises that have original designs on, which is special for the fans.

In Shibuya Marui, there are 4 types of illustrated products.

Also, for Kyoto and Oita, there are 6 pieces of Halloween version ones.


・For more details: http://www.0101.co.jp/403/info/index.html?contents_id=3262&from=01_pc_top_news


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