KIDDY LAND Toy Store’s Kirby Special Fair

KIDDY LAND, a large toy store chain in Japan with various character products, is having an event called “Kirby no Pupupu na Marching Band” during October 22nd to November 6th, starting from the Shinjuku and Osaka-Umeda branch, then continuing in other 23 branches.

“Hoshi no Kirby” is a videogame character that was born in 1992 in his own Gameboy game, and will have 25th anniversary in 2017. This very cute and strong character can attract people from every ages, gender, and nationalities. The “Kirby Café” that opened in August in Tokyo and Osaka was very successful and popular.

This time, Kirby and friends will perform a marching band which is a new form of art.

In KIDDY LAND, there will be a special pop-up store which sells limited edition merchandises and new products from “Kirby no Pupupu na Marching Band”. With every 2,000 yen of the goods purchased, you will get the original “Marching Band” designed coaster as a present. On October 29th, photo shoot event will also be conducted in Osaka-Umeda branch.




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