Fashion Brand “Junko Makino” and Hello Kitty Collaborates in New Bag Design

kitty1A new non-gender fashion brand “Junko Makino”, is now doing a collaboration with popular character Hello Kitty to launch new bag designs in September in the theme of “Contemporary Japonism”. The bag will be made from a superb quality leather and will be on sale.

The leather backpack that will be sold will have the theme of “Hello Kitty Japonism” with the showing of the cuteness of Hello Kitty combined with the concept of “Traditional Japan” and “Japan Luxury”. Hello Kitty is the icon that had collaborations with many high-class brands such as Swarovski and Gingam. Top-class local manufacturer is the one who made these products. There are two designs to enjoy. It is a twin backpack.

Checker-patterned leather has Hello Kitty crests on it. Leather has been pressed by metal elements, casual chic point also express the Japan feels. The pattern of the is an adorable “Gourimon”. It is a nice contrast to the cool Swarovski. The lining of the inside of the backpack comes with a Hello Kitty silver foil print.

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