Relaxing PEANUTS-themed Japanese café in Kyoto

snoopy-chayaOn August 31st, Terakoya is opening the 3rd PEANUTS-themed Japanese café named “SNOOPY CHA-YA Kyoto Nishiki-ten” with the collaboration with American Licensor Peanuts Worldwide LLC.

The market of Nishiki, Kyoto is rich with its approximately 1,300 years of history. Nishiki is known by the residents of Kyoto as “the Kitchen of the City”. The area is one of the most popular attractions for tourists.

This café is located in the market, inside an old 2-story building. The first floor includes a take-out corner that sells popular Japanese sweets and Matcha soft cream. There are also Kyoto’s traditional items and collaboration products with Kiyomitsu Yaki. Kyoto Nishiki-ten’s exclusive merchandises and PEANUTS license goods will be sold as well.

On the second floor, the food menu that had Snoopy and Woodstock collaboration designs on it with Japanese and International sweets will be available with variation of drinks menu for your silver meals and appetites.

Also, the store has Snoopy and Kyoto collaboration’s decorations which are crafted and showcased, to provide a healing and soothing atmosphere for customers to relax.


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