“spongebob x STAYREAL Rock’n’Run” Heats Up Runners’ Hearts


Run event is already became a sport with global fashion trend. Among them using characters at event is also getting hotter and hotter.

There’s the biggest and the most fashion run event at Asia this year : spongebob x STAYREAL Rock’n’Run. It’s making preheat attack in full swing at Taiwan. This special fashion run event attracted a lots of fans from all over the world by short time.

Nowadays, experiential consumption is became mainstream. People can enjoy by interesting experience consumption patterns. Event which use characters, can not only spread faster by character’s popularity, upgrade the popularity of hosting brand, but also let runners get new experience by shuttle in anime scene.The related souvenir runners got will keep the brand popular although the event is end – this is why the character licensing is charming.

* spongebob x STAYREAL Rock’n’Run Official Website

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