Incoco Nail Stickers with Hello Kitty and My Melody Designs


Japanese nail sticker company Incoco is launching a new collaboration campaign from September 21. There will be 6 total designs; 3 Hello Kitty designs, and 3 My Melody designs.

All designs will make you say “The package designs are very cute!”. The designs will bring back good memories from your childhood with these familiar characters, and make good feeling while using them.

For the “Hello Kitty” design, the shades of Hello Kitty and her red ribbon are in black and white hand-painted touches on the white pearl base. Matte white base to the American comic-style design is combined with fresh Hello Kitty Comics look. All the cute 3 styles are Face ribbon, Apple motif Kitty, and Silver lame.

For the “My Melody” design, it is My Melody and Friends with white pearl base studded with pastel flowers with the mixed of My Melody and Piano-chan/Flat –kun. Also My Melody comes with a sketch-style designs on pearl pink base. All the 3 cute and flashy My Melody designs will come with many expressions on pink lame base.

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