Chibi Maruko’s New Design for Female Adults


Chibi Maruko-chan’s licensor, Nippon Animation, has launched new design for Chibi Maruko-chan for the 30th anniversary, in order to target female in the age of 20-30 years old.

From the 751st episode which is named “Maruko wants to be a cat” and her background of liking to sleep, this new design was born. This is a spin-off series which is different from the normal “Chibi Maruko-chan”, including new names for character such as “Maru-nyan”, “Tama-nyan”, “Hanawa-nyan”, “Noguchi-nyan”, “Nagazawa-nyan”, “Migiwa-nyan”, “Maruo-nyan” which are living in Nyan-world. This now fun and energetic design will be available for all products this Fall.

Also, a comic panel from the “Chibi Maruko-nyan” world is introduced.

© Sakura Production / Nippon Animation

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