Bungo Stray Dogs×Sanrio characters

“Bungo Stray Dogs” × “Sanrio Characters” collaboration decision
Produce designs at Bonds and Sanrio

Sanrio has decided to develop “Sanrio Design Produce”, which is a collaboration of Kadoko’s popular work “Bungo Stray Dogs” and Sanrio Characters, which will start broadcasting the third season of TV anime from April, and Sanrio designs the appearing characters. 

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Pacman, collaboration with popular cosmetic products at PLAZA

Collaboration products available from 1st Mar at PLALA and MINiPLA all over Japan

The life style store PLAZA and MINiPLA COLOPL started to sell the collaborated products with Pacman from 1st Mar.

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sub1 (4).jpg










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Gaspard and Lisa pop up store, grand open at First Avenue Tokyo Station

20th Anniversary collections and time-limited goods are available

The famous French character ‘Gaspard and Lisa’ is having their 20th anniversary this year. To celebrate this, a pop up shop is now opening from 1st Mar to 28th May at the First Avenue Tokyo Station.

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‘Sushiro X Mr. Osomatsu’ collaboration

Original comics, novelties and ‘Sushi photo’ campaign

The sushi restaurant, Akindo-Sushiro, is having a collaboration campaign with the movie Mr. Osomatsu to be released from 15th Mar, from 27th Feb to 7th Apr.

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The bridge between anime and the real world – 2.5 Dimension stage show

As being a super animation nation, Japan is always a step ahead in the animation industry, creating/innovating many new directions about animation. In recent years, there is a new trend, 2.5 Dimension stage shows, which is very popular in Japan and also the Asia countries. So what doe2.5 Dimension stage shows mean?

As the name implies, 2.5 Dimension means the ‘dimension’ between the 3D world (the real world) and the 2D world (animation world). 2.5 Dimension shows are the shows applying the anime stories but having real artists to act out. Just like the musicals, the artists would dress up (like cosplay to a certain extent as the costumes are based on the designs in the anime), sing and dance and act on the stage.

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Cardcaptor Sakura X OST @ South Korea

The cute and cool magical girl Sakura is always popular among the ladies. Therefore, the famous Korean accessories brand OST is having collaboration with Cardcaptor Sakura and launch a series of products by applying the designs of the anime during the sakura’s season.

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‘Sakura Wars art festival 2018 Plus’ starts from March, 2019

Enjoy the art world of ‘Sakura Wars’ and the displays

After the huge success of ‘Sakura Wars art festival 2018’ in Dec, 2018, Art Collection House is holding ‘Sakura Wars art festival 2018 Plus’ in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo, letting participants to feel the art world of famous game ‘Sakura Wars’.

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Dragon Ball Super X Gyu Gaku restaurant collaboration @ Hong Kong

The movie ‘Dragon Ball Super Broly’ launched Hong Kong from 28th Feb, attracting many fans and makes it become one of the hot topics. This popularity extends to the popular Japanese barbecue restaurant Gyu Gaku, having a collaboration between 28th Feb and 27th May.

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